BSc I.T graduate with a passion for code.Experienced Developer currently working in the Telecommunications industry.Skilled in CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP and recently had the opportunity to pick up more skills such as Node js (using MeteorJs), Github (version control), using Bootstrap and a bit of AJAX.

B.N Ngema
Name : Brighton Ngema
Phone : +27 72 792 6932
Email : brightonnkosana@gmail.com
Github : /BrightonNgema
Linkedin : /BrightonNgema


This is not another boring website about an "awesome" developer, lets have some fun while you here. Play BomberGirl or Circles, where different keys make different sounds.
Enjoy! As I welcome you with FUN.

Things I can Do

These are my abilities, skills and what i have i can help you with. These are the services im offering, if there is anything within that range that you might need, dont hesitate to contact me. Also check out my work if you want to see what i can do.

  • web

    Web Design

    This involves the developing the layout of how the website/web app will look like.Also considering responsiveness for different devices when designing is implemented.

  • devices

    WEB development

    I can still create websites using the basic HTML, CSS AND PHP.In most cases Angular,React or Meteor will be sufficient for web development but it all depends on the requirements from the client.

  • smartphone

    Mobile Apps Development

    Cross platform mobile development, I can create apps for both IOS and Android using the latest technology so you do not need to worry about maintaning old technology


Some of the work ive done. Feel free to browse through. Also have a look at my github repositories for more of my work.

My work comprises of Websites, Web Apps and Mobile apps. Mostly written in Javascript, PHP, React Native, Ionic 3 and MeteorJs.


I began my employment journey 2015 with a part-time job as a Brand Ambassador(Promotions), during that time I was still studying towards a BSc in Information Technology.

From then I had been working on part-time jobs before I could fully start working on my Development career (2017).

  • 6/2015 - 6/2016

    Brand Ambassador

    Tradeway Promotion

    Peformed a number of duties which are as follows:

    * Promoting products in outlets
    * Reaching target sales
    * Advertising brands

  • 6/2016 - 10/2016

    Jnr System Admin

    NewWay Community

    Peformed a number of duties which are as follows:

    * System Monitor
    * Retrival of user information
    * Answering Support Tickets on Jivo

  • 3/2017 - 10/2017

    Front-End Developer


    Peformed a number of duties which are as follows:

    * Creating and implementing of style guides
    * Bug fixes, adding features and web maintaince
    * Used Meteor Js, NodeJs, Sass, Less, CSS and gihub for version control.

  • 10/2017 - NOW

    Software DEveloper


    Peformed a number of duties which are as follows:

    *Working on cross platform(Android and IOS) applications using React Native
    *Designing web apps using Angular 4 and maintaning existing web apps as the technology changes


Over the years I have developed quite a number of skills from what i grasped during my college years, from taking online courses on Udemy, Youtube Tutorials and through career experience in Development.



This is a history of my education from the completition of my matric to obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology.

  • 2008 - 2012


    Freedom Community College

    * English Home Language
    * Life Orientation
    * Accounting
    * Business Studies
    * Computer Application Technology
    * Economics
    * Tourism

  • 2013 - 2014

    HNC I.T

    CTI Educational Group

    * Mathematics for I.T
    * Networking
    * Intro to Project Management
    * Software Develpment
    * Database Concepts
    * Personal Skills
    * Academic English
    * End-User Computing

  • 2014 - 2016

    BSc I.T

    CTI Educational Group

    * Internet Server Management
    * Advanced Database Systems
    * Internet Programming and E-commerce
    * Information Systems
    * Operating Systems
    * Software Development
    * Social Security


Why dont we stay in Touch. For any web development queries please do not Hesitate to contact me. Fill in the required information and I will reply in almost an instant. Thank You!